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2017 Employer Reporting Requirements The below document outlines sections 6055 & 6066, the “B” and “C” forms, and the employer reporting obligations to both employees and the IRS. Download 2017_Employer_Reporting_Requirements   Click here to watch a brainshark video that explains the forms and reporting requirements. &nbsp…(Read More)

The IRS released the inflation adjustments for health savings accounts (HSAs) and their accompanying high deductible health plans (HDHPs) effective for calendar year 2018. All limits increased from 2017 amounts. Click to download the bulletin below and as always contact your Total Benefit Solutions account manager at (215)355-2121  if you have any questions…(Read More)

Applicable large employers (ALEs) may be resting easy, having had no notification from the IRS of 2015 or 2016 assessments under the Employer Mandate of the Affordable Care Act (the ACA) and having reasonably expected that the Republican-led administration would limit or choose not to enforce this mandate. With the status of health care…(Read More)

CMS issued final rule to increase choices and encourage stability in health insurance markets for 2018 The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) issued the final Market Stabilization rule to help lower premiums and stabilize individual and small group markets, and to increase choices for Americans. Individuals obtaining coverage in the Marketplace created by…(Read More)

Stand-Alone HRAs for Small Employers are Back! The 21st Century Cures Act, signed by President Obama on December 13, 2016, gave small employers a means of providing employees help with their individual insurance premiums and other out-of-pocket qualified medical expenses without violating the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Small employers…(Read More)

  The IRS has provided a limited extension of time for employers to provide Forms 1095-C (and carriers to provide Forms 1095-B) to individuals (but NOT to the IRS). Rather than January 31, 2017, the new deadline will be March 2, 2017.  Download Extension of Deadline for 2016 Forms 1095-C…(Read More)

    On October 25 and 27, 2016, the IRS released cost of living adjustments for 2017 under various provisions of the Internal Revenue Code (the Code). Some of these adjustments may affect your employee benefit plans. These adjustments include but are not limited to the following: Cafeteria Plans Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits Requirement To…(Read More)

With the outcome of the 2016 elections now official, the Republicans will hold the majority in both chambers of Congress and control of the White House beginning in 2017. Since President-elect Trump ran on a platform of “Replace and Repeal” of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we anticipate that acting on this campaign promise…(Read More)

As many people know by now there are many big changes with individual and family plans for open enrollment 2017. For anyone who is currently enrolled on one of the following your plan will NOT be renewed for 2017 and you will have to pick a new plan and/or a new insurer: Aetna: all…(Read More)

The IRS recently issued proposed regulations that (among other things) address affordability determinations for individuals who are eligible for employer-sponsored health coverage. Building on earlier guidance, the proposed rules describe the effect an opt-out waiver has on affordability. Should you have any questions, please contact your Total Benefit Solutions account manager directly at…(Read More)

Healtcare Reform Law

As our third year of the ACA Open Enrollment Period arrived, it’s time to examine some of the new implementations in 2016. Some of the major components, especially those affecting businesses were delayed or deferred since the passage of the Affordable Care Act in 2010. This year is considered to be a big year…(Read More)

Healthiest You is more than a typical Teledoc benefit. Whenever members have questions or they are simply not feeling well, they can effortlessly connect to a 24×7 telehealth hotline for the diagnosis and treatment of illness, second opinions and consultations. They have board-certified, licensed physicians in every state waiting to provide exceptional care. They…(Read More)

Why Consider a Limited Benefit Medical Plan? When it comes to medical benefits, employers used to face two choices — comprehensive employer-paid medical plans or no insurance at all. However, with the inception of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA), the option not to offer medical insurance no longer exists for some employers…(Read More)

Total Benefit Solutions is proud to announce that we are now appointed with Starmark to provide affordable and predictable self insured medical plans to small businesses. Starmark® administers self-funded health benefit plans exclusively for smaller businesses nationwide. Employers choose from extensive plan design choices to create a self-funded health plan to meet their…(Read More)

Changes to SEP On-Exchange Verification Process Starting June 17th, 2016 individuals enrolling in coverage through a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) on the Marketplace will need to provide specific documents to verify eligibility for certain SEPs, including: Loss of minimum essential coverage Change in primary place of living Birth Marriage Adoption, placement for adoption, placement…(Read More)

With so many different ACA provisions, HR360’s simple new chart provides you and your clients with a clear understanding of the key requirements that have been delayed, extended, or eliminated under the Affordable Care Act.  Our business partner, HR360’s simple chart features important ACA delays, extensions, and eliminations, including: Eliminated automatic enrollment provisions…(Read More)

The Departments of Labor, the Treasury, and Health and Human Services (collectively, the “Departments”) have issued the 31st set of Affordable Care Act (“ACA”) frequently asked questions (“FAQs”). This time, the Departments address a wide range of topics including preventive services, disclosure obligations, coverage in connection with approved clinical trials, reference-based pricing, the Mental…(Read More)

NAHU (The National Association of Health Underwriters)  is very concerned about current proposals in Congress that would undermine the employer-sponsored health insurance system by eliminating or placing a cap on the employer tax exclusion for health insurance. Eliminating the exclusion would also eliminate most of the advantages of employer-sponsored insurance while capping it…(Read More)

The IRS released the inflation adjustments for health savings accounts (HSAs) and their accompanying high deductible health plans (HDHPs) effective for calendar year 2017.  Most limits remained the same as 2016 amounts. Click the link below to download the bulletin. 2017 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for HSAs…(Read More)

  The Affordable Care Act’s small business health care tax credit is designed to encourage small employers to offer health insurance coverage to their employees. Click the link below to download the whitepaper 8 things the IRS wants small employers to know about this credit: 8 Things to Know About the Small Business Health…(Read More)

CMS released a sweeping final rule (PDF) Monday afternoon that solidifies the Affordable Care Act’s coverage policies for 2017. The agency proposed tight network adequacy provisions and standardized health plan options in November, which fueled antipathy from the health insurance industry.   Click here for the full story from Modern Healthcare   As always…(Read More)

Large employers may be subject to the employer penalty under the Affordable Care Act if they do not offer affordable, minimum value coverage to all full-time employees and at least one full-time employee receives a subsidy in the Exchange. The Federal Poverty Line (“FPL”) is relevant to this penalty in two ways. Please…(Read More)

  You can request an appeal of any Marketplace decision, including decisions about Your eligibility to buy coverage in the Marketplace Your eligibility for, or the amount of, premium tax credits or cost sharing reductions Your eligibility for an exemption from the penalty for not having health insurance Untimely (late) notice from the Marketplace about…(Read More)

Information about distribution of 1095 tax forms Beginning February 8, Independence Blue Cross will begin mailing IRS 1095-B tax forms on a rolling basis to subscribers who purchased plans individually off-exchange and to subscribers of fully insured group employers. The purpose of these forms is for individuals to verify that they had minimum…(Read More)

The attached resource file is a compilation of all of our compliance bulletins for 2015 provided by our business partners at Emerson Reid and your benefits support team. Click the link below to download the entire 2015 compilation: 2015 Compliance Compilation   &nbsp…(Read More)

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