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The Total Benefit Solutions, Inc team is here to help and support our clients. We are a group of dedicated professionals with the experience, skills and expertise to advocate for you be it during enrollment, renewal or resolving an issue with a claim or an invoice. We are here for YOU!

Edward MacConnell, CBC, CHRS
Ed MacConnell learned the health insurance business by advocating for his daughter who was denied a life saving liver transplant by his insurer! Now officially in the business since 1995 he and his team have been advocating on behalf of their clients for over 25 years!
Ed MacConnell
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Kathleen MacConnell
VP/Director of Finance and Accounting
Kathleen joined the firm in 2002 after running her own successful commercial cleaning business. She handles all of the accounting responsibilities including licensing and commissions. She too learned the business by advocating for her child.
'We work for YOUR benefit"
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Jennifer D
Benefit Specialist: Small Group Health & Benefits
Jennifer is an expert in the small group field and also helping transition employees off groups onto plans of their own! Jennifer has been with us since 2017 and is also fluent in Spanish. Jennifer is currently attending Thomas Jefferson University studying healthcare administration. She has a toddler son at home.
If you think you can, or you can't, you are right!
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Stephanie S
Group Account Manager
Stephanie came to Total Benefit Solutions, Inc in 2021 through our acquisition of Tower Group Benefits of Voorhees NJ. Stephanie is an expert on medium to large group health insurance plans in over 6 states with over 20 years of experience!
Jacqueline M
Benefit Specialist: Senior Health & Benefits
"Jackie "has been with Total Benefit Solutions Inc since 2017 and is responsive and caring. She works closely with our senior clients most of who are on Medicare. But with 5 years of experience in group benefits she understands the relation between Medicare and employer insurance plans. Jackie is married to her husband Sean and they have 3 children at home!
Taking the FITS out of your benefits!
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Patty K
Benefit Specialist: Individual and ACA Benefits
Five years experience in the benefits business is Patty's background before joining Total Benefit Solutions in 2020. Licensed in over 6 states, her super power is translating health insurance terms into English that everyday people can understand. She is a great addition to our team! She's an expert on exchange enrollments especially Pennie and get Covered NJ health insurance exchanges.
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Katie K
Administrative Support Specialist
Katie is the smiling face at our front desk who joined our team in 2022 to help support our benefit specialist CSR team and deliver better service to all of our clients! She is the person to most likely answer your call and will make sure you get to the right person at the right time! Katie worked with supporting over 20 agents in a regional Aflac office for 15 years before coming to Total Benefit Solutions so she knows her way around a claim or a deductible!
Edward J
IT Support
Ed came on board at Total Benefit Solutions in 2019 to administer our back end technology and data. Without his expertise and support we would have had a hard time getting through the Covid 19 shutdowns but instead we worked right through delivering seamless client support from multiple remote locations.
Samantha S
Commissions Analyst
Samantha joined the team in 2019 and continues to keep our commissions in and out in order! She's a whiz at excel spreadsheets. Samantha graduated Magna Cum Laude from San Diego State.
Randi M
Individual Health Insurance Account Manager
Randi comes from the property casualty business and also spent a few years handling dental claims for a local family dental office. She is experienced and familiar with all the insurance terms and is an expert at explaining health insurance at an understandable level.
Wendy L
Document Management Specialist
Meet Wendy, our resident expert in document management! With her extensive background and knowledge, she excels in efficiently safeguarding and ensuring the security of our clients' important documents, all while maintaining their accessibility whenever necessary. Wendy's exceptional skills are backed by her outstanding academic achievements, as she graduated Summa Cum Laude from Pierce College with a degree in healthcare administration.