Our Employer & Employee Assistance Program is more than an EAP, it’s like having 5 specialized consultants in 1 – and on call 24/7:

  • HR  & Business Advisor
  • Management Consultant
  • Employee Confidant
  • Research Assistant
  • Lifecoach

Why should you have an EAP?

Running and building a business is hard work. The upkeep of products and services alone is a full-time job. Many small businesses don’t have the resources and tools to properly address the other issues – the people issues that  invariably arise, such as addressing employee concerns, HR policies, helping with management problems, and legal issues. Owners of small businesses need tools to make their lives easier while improving their employees’ productivity.

That’s why we’ve partnered with Harris, Rothenberg International, Inc. (HRI) to design our Employer & Employee Assistance Program, a Workplace Resources program with targeted features for both employer and employee. The level of support, advice, and expertise provided by our Employer & Employee Assistance Program used to be an advantage only large companies had. But through us this fundamental advantage is now available and affordable even for the small business owner. It gives you access to knowledge and experts for your complex HR and business issues all for one low fee while employees can get support through Employee Assistance and Work/Life Programs.

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