You hear it all the time: “I’m paying for Health Insurance I don’t even use!” But, Health insurance isn’t only for when you’re sick!  You can use it to maintain your healthy status, you can use it for Preventative Care and you can also use this time to learn how your coverage works before you get sick. Also, many Health Insurance Plans offer things such as discounted gym memberships and rewards for healthy lifestyle choices (such as quitting smoking). Some plans even offer vision or dental benefits, so you can take advantage of an eye screening or 6 month dental check-up.

Take advantage of free insurance benefits anytime

Get preventive services, like the flu shot, depression screening, or even diet counseling . Being proactive with preventive care can prevent illnesses, diseases, and other health problems, or detect illness at an early stage when treatment is likely to work best. These services are free when delivered by a doctor or other provider in your plan’s network. Preventative Services are very important to utilize. If everyone in our Country utilized the Preventative Care offered, it is estimated 100,000 lives could be saved each year by early detection. For more information on Preventative Care benefits please visit the CDC link here.

Even if you don’t need care right now, find a doctor you can trust

Taking the time to find a doctor you trust when you’re feeling well can save you stress when you get sick. If you take the time now to establish a relationship with a PCP, it will make things much more easier if you get sick. The Doctor will already know your health history and have baseline results on things such as your blood pressure and blood work, which makes detecting an illness early on easier. You usually pay less if you choose a doctor in your network. In order to do this you can visit your health plan’s website and check the provider directory, call your health plan and have them give you a list of doctors in your area in the network, or you can call your Licensed Insurance Broker like the fine folks here at Total Benefit Solutions, Inc and we can help you choose a doctor! 

Understand your costs before you need care

 It’s important to learn which services in your plan aren’t subjected to a deductible, if you have one. All plans are not the same and while some may charge only a co-payment for a Doctor visit, some may charge co-insurance and some may have you pay off the deductible prior to receiving benefits. Some plans offer cheap generic options for your prescription drugs, while others may only offer discounts on certain ones. It’s also important to note your plan’s annual out-of-pocket max and what is included in that calculation. Knowing what your costs can be, up front, can save you stress later.


As always, if you have any questions or concerns about your Health Plan, you can feel free to give us a call here at Total Benefit Solutions, Inc at 215-355-2121!