How to Find a Doctor You Trust

  1. Get a list of in-network providers: Call your insurance company or look at their plan materials for a list of doctors in their network. You’ll usually pay less to see a doctor in your network than a doctor who’s out-of-network. You can also call your Broker and they can help assist you in getting the names of Doctors near you that accept your plan.
  2. Do your research: Ask friends and family if they recommend their doctors. You may even be able to read online reviews for doctors in your area. Online reviews are a great way to gauge things such as bedside manner and wait times.
  3. Call the office for more information: Call the doctor’s office and ask them any questions you have to help you decide. Make sure they accept new patients and your health coverage. While some may be listed as a participating provider in your network, they may not be accepting new patients at this time.
  4. Make an appointment, and give them a try: When you call to make your appointment, have your insurance card on hand. Having a Doctor you feel comfortable with is key when it comes to your health. You want someone you feel comfortable speaking to about some personal issues. It might take more than one visit to figure out if a doctor is the right one for you. If you find the Doctor selected isn’t a great fit for you, then you can change your PCP at any time!

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