Why Critical Illness as a “wrap” plan


  • They’re more affordable than you might think.
  • They’re available for employer  groups, individuals and seniors.
  • They make selecting a health plan easier.
  • They provide peace of mind against a catastrophic event and large out of pocket expenses.
  • They’re person and portable, it doesn’t matter where you get your health insurance from, having your own critical illness plan makes it better.

Many clients have asked how they can supplement their employees coverage when they get enrolled through the affordable care act healthcare.gov marketplace. Employers are permitted to offer wrap plans that consist of “excepted benefits”, meaning they are not regulated by the affordable care act and are permissible to offer as a tax free employee benefit.

A critical illness plan can fit the bill and provide a comprehensive financial support plan for a family dealing with a medical crisis.  It also allows the employee to make a more prudent health plan selection by giving them coverage for any large deductibles, co-pays or cost sharing scenarios.

Critical illness plans are now available to individuals and families and make an excellent safety net for those who enroll on the lowest cost Bronze and Silver metallic level plans. There are even critical illness plans for seniors that fill the gaps of Medicare health plans.

This short video below from Humana helps us understand just how critical illness plans work…

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