girl_ipad_reform_smallerTiered or Narrow Network Plans: Under the Affordable Care Act, insurance carriers have introduced “tiered network”, or narrowed network plans.

Keystone Proactive HMO Plans from Independence Blue Cross  have a unique  ” 3 tiered” network of providers. Although each carrier has different types of networks and benefit levels, the plans have the same general concept, steering the members by giving them a choice of providers that offer medical services at a lower out of pocket expense. Choosing a more expensive provider or facility may cost the member more out of pocket costs. United Healthcare offers 2 tiers in their “Navigate” plans, and Aetna uses “Savings Plus” designated providers to split the provider network into “designated” or “non designated” participating providers. In New Jersey Horizon Blue Cross offers a 2 tiered plan called Omnia and AmeriHealth uses tiers as different plans so the value network is one plan the regional preferred is the broader network and the Advantage network is specific to New Jersey. Horizon Blue Cross plans also offer a Blue Card network option which is a national network. With Independence the blue card plans are Personal Choice policies.

In states outside of Pennsylvania  and New Jersey, check with your local carriers.

Total Benefit Solutions clients who choose these types of plans typically supplement their choice of medical plan with personal supplemental coverage. Click here for more information on supplemental plans.

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What are the Keystone Proactive HMO Plans? Click the link to download the Keystone HMO Proactive plans brochure from Independence Blue Cross

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From the drop down select, Medical then Keystone Proactive:

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Keystone HMO  Proactive provider Quality Standards

Aetna “Savings Plus” plans are similar with two tiers of providers.

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