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Guidance Issued on the 2021 COBRA Subsidy 04/09/2021 3

COVID-19 PPE Now a Qualified Medical Expense 04/12/2021 9

Update on COVID-19 Vaccine and Vaccine Administration Cost 04/23/2021 10

Guidance Issued on MHPAEA Comparative Analysis Requirement 04/26/2021 12


HHS Extends Public Health Emergency until July 20, 2021 05/07/2021 16

Employers Encouraged to Provide PTO for Vaccinations 05/10/2021 19

Annual Out-of-Pocket Maximum Adjustments Announced for 2022 05/11/2021 21

San Francisco HCSO 2020 Reporting Cancelled 05/20/2021 23

2022 Inflation Adjusted Amounts for HSAs 05/21/2021 24

IRS Provides Additional Guidance on the COBRA Subsidy 05/24/2021 25

IRS Guidance Clarifies DCAP Relief 05/25/2021 32

HHS Expands Interpretation of Sex Discrimination under 1557 05/26/2021 35


2021 PCOR Fee Filing Reminder for Self-Insured Plans 06/15/2021 37

New Mandatory Preventive Items and Services: 2021 Updates 06/21/2021

Supreme Court Dismisses Latest Challenge to the ACA 06/28/2021

2021 State Bulletins


Nevada Paid Leave for COVID-19 Vaccination and Family Care

New Mexico

New Mexico’s New Sick Leave Law 45

New Mexico Vaccine Purchase Act Reporting Reminder 49


Oregon Considers Delaying Paid Family and Medical Leave 50


Dallas Paid Sick Leave Ordinance Invalidated by Federal Court 51


Washington Long-Term Care Program Signed into Law 52

Washington LTSS Exemption Rule Finalized, New Website Available 57

Washington Modifies Workplace Protections for High-Risk Employees 59

Washington PAL Assessment Begins July 1, 2021 61