What is Small Group Defined Contribution-Private Exchange Solution?

glitch girl ipad_white_polo_tbs website on ipadWith health care reform now being implemented, many employers large and small will consider this arrangement to offer their employees a quality, flexible,
easy to use  and competitive benefit package. Simply, the employer decides what dollar amount they will provide to each employee. The employee then uses that dollar amount as a “voucher” of sorts. With the voucher or credit in hand, each employee can choose a plan that best suits their needs from a menu of health plans. 

In the past, small group employers had to juggle the challenge of affordability and providing a quality benefit that worked for their entire workforce at the same time. With a private exchange solution, the employer can budget on a per employee basis and let the employee make the choices for their own families. Additionally, by moving to a defined contribution solution, the employer can avoid the annual “renewal dance” in the future amd waste less time and resources trying to make tough choices that work for all their employees.

In Pennsylvania, the insurers are now permitting a number of choices for groups as small as two employees. Coupled with technology that provides decision making tools, comparison tools and an experienced insurance professional, employees get the support they need to make an informed yet tailored, selection. 

The carriers in Southeastern PA will allow the following number of plan selections:

Aetna-5 plans

Assurant-5 Plans
Independence Blue Cross-5 Plans ( features an online enrollment tool)
United Healthcare-30 Plans

Click the link below to download a brochure with more information.


IBC Blue Choice