Many clients ask us about Blue Card PPO and how it works. Blue Card PPO is typically attached to our clients policies who are enrolled on an IBC Personal Choice PPO or National Network PPO or a Horizon Blue Cross plan with National Access. You can tell if you have this on your plan if your card has the PPO Traveling Briefcase ppo logo.


It’s important to note that members who have a Keystone HMO, Amerihealth or Horizon HMO or local EPO do NOT have Blue Card PPO. 

How Does the BlueCard Program Work?

BlueCard® PPO Medical Plan

The BlueCard Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) medical plan gives you the freedom to select in-network health care providers nationally to administer covered health care services.


When you use a network doctor or hospital, there is very little to pay out-of-pocket. Additional advantages are no claim forms and no balance bills.


You can use a doctor or hospital that is not in the Personal Choice or BlueCard PPO Networks, however, you’ll pay more for these services and will have to submit a claim for reimbursement.

PPO Plan Features:

  • no need to select a primary care physician to coordinate your care;
  • visit specialists directly: no referrals are required;
  • wellness programs, including fitness reimbursement and discounts on alternative health care services, at no additional cost;
  • preventive care for children and adults;
  • enjoy in-network coverage anywhere in the United States when you use providers that participate in the Personal Choice or BlueCard PPO networks;
  • worldwide coverage and recognition of the Blue Cross® symbol.

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As always please ask your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc health insurance specialists if you have further questions about Blue Card PPO and your coverage