Governor Corbett and the Pennsylvania Insurance Department have been working with health insurance carriers to provide guidance for Pennsylvanians who have been left confused by the unprecedented, ongoing changes in the health insurance marketplace.


Individuals who had their individual plans canceled because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are hearing from their insurance companies now.


Today, Pennsylvania Insurance Commissioner Mike Consedine announced that insurance companies will have the option to continue individual policies originally set for cancellation. Options for policyholders may differ and may include continuation of their current policies or enrollment in a new ACA-compliant product. Options will be insurance-company specific and consumers are encouraged to call their current insurance carrier for information.


The Insurance Department has put together a fact sheet that will give you more information.


The Insurance Department also has an educational website,, which focuses on health insurance questions and all coverage options.


Consumers currently without coverage will now have until Dec. 23 to make a decision for Jan. 1 health coverage. Individuals wishing to shop on the new federal exchange should use


Insurance consumers with questions, comments or concerns can visit the department’s website at to check licensed entities and file complaints. They can also use the department’s toll-free consumer services number at 1-877-881-6388.