Self-Funding Popular – Especially for Large Firms

Many larger firms self-fund their health plans or pay for some workers’ health services directly – rather than through the use of health insurance. Nearly two-thirds (65%) of covered workers are in self-funded plans. That includes 20% of workers at small firms and 82% at large firms.

Deductibles for Most

Most employees with health insurance have a cost share before their insurance begins to pay benefits. Among those with single coverage, the average annual deductible is $1,763, similar to the $1,669 average in 2021. For most plan types, the single coverage deductible is higher for employees at small firms. The average is $2,543 for PPO enrollees at small firms, as compared to $1,493 for workers at large firms.

The average general deductible is up 17% over the past five years – and up 61% during the past 10 years – for single coverage enrollees.

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