Changes to the Value and Select formularies for April 1
Independence Blue Cross is making changes to the Value and Select Drug Program® (Select) formularies effective April 1, 2022. Updates are made to the Value and Select formularies quarterly.The updated lists for April 1 are available now on our website. Select the appropriate link to view the Value or Select formulary. The updated list can be found under “Formulary drug documents.”

Changes that result in positive member experiences happen quarterly in January, April, July, and October. Examples of these changes include new drugs and generics being added to the formularies, tier changes that can result in lowering member cost‑share, and utilization management removal.
Negative formulary changes typically occur only twice a year with the January and July updates. Examples are tier changes that can result in a higher member cost‑share, the removal of drugs from the Value formulary, and the addition of safety edits. Affected members and providers are notified of these changes.