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Independence Blue Cross (Independence) is making changes to the Select Drug Program (Select) and Value formularies for July 1. Independence routinely updates its prescription drug formularies and reviews the list of drugs requiring prior authorization as part of our procedures for safe prescribing. These changes are approved by our Pharmacy and Therapeutics Committee. Updates are made to the Select and Value formularies quarterly.

The updated lists for July 1 will be available on the website on May 1. Select the link to either the Select or Value formulary. The updated list is available under “Formulary drug documents.”

Standard changes can include:

  • Additions of generic drugs to both formularies
  • Additions to the list of drugs that require prior authorization to both formularies
  • Deletions to the list of drugs that require prior authorization on both formularies
  • Deletions of brand and generic drugs on the Value formulary
  • Moving drugs from a lower tier to a higher tier on both formularies
  • Moving drugs from a higher tier to a lower tier on both formularies
  • Addition of quantity and/or age limits to drugs on both the formularies
  • Changes to the prior authorization requirements for drugs on both the formularies

Members, as well as their providers, who are impacted by the changes will be receiving letters (60 days in advance) regarding the upcoming changes. Members are encouraged to talk with their provider about switching to the preferred products in order to avoid any disruption in their therapies. If you have any questions or concerns about this news please contact your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc health insurance specialists at (215)355-2121