Do you have individual health insurance and live in Pennsylvania or New Jersey? For this upcoming 2021 open enrollment period, Pennsylvania has officially transitioned to a state-based exchange – PENNIE! This full conversion to a SBE is slated to occur for the beginning of the 2021 open enrollment period. The open enrollment period that opens on November 1, 2020. That’s approaching fast!

Our intent is to make this transition with our clients, with an aim to minimize disruption  as much as possible. We anticipate that there may be some speed bumps in this transition! Regardless of what you want, if you are currently enrolled on an individual health insurance plan through  the Federal Marketplace you will need to select a new plan through the state based exchange, or PENNIE.  We will continue  to share the updates as we get them. In New Jersey details are still coming in for their new state based exchange and we will share those as well as we go.

The health insurers serving the individual and small group markets will continue to use the professional services of professional brokers   such as Total Benefit Solutions, Inc. If you have any questions in the meantime, please don’t hesitate to reach out to your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc benefit specialist at (215)355-2121.