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What is Direct Primary Care (DPC)? DPC is a non-insurance healthcare model where a flat monthly fee is paid for a defined set of primary care services. Direct Primary Care membership typically includes timely and unlimited access to your physician via in-office visit or over the phone. The model is structured to emphasize the patient-physician relationship to lower care costs, promote better employee health, and better patient experience.

Benefits include:

Increased Access to Healthcare.

Breaks down the barriers to healthcare like confusing narrow networks, high deductibles and limited enrollment period.

Detect Diseases and Treat Sooner.

Encourages the early detection of illnesses, which reduces expenses for both employers and their employees. This practice minimizes the risk of chronic conditions and allows us to manage illnesses more effectively in earlier stages.  By making healthcare access affordable that includes preventative screenings, physicians can detect, treat, and manage the most prevalent chronic conditions sooner for better outcomes.

Lower Care Costs for Employees and Employers.

Direct primary care premiums are significantly lower than typical medical plans and can allow employers or members to shift their premium dollars in a more effective manner. Want more information? Contact your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc account manager today at (215)355-2121