Video: Health Insurance Basics from Independence Blue Cross:

Enjoy the latest TV Commercial from Independence Blue Cross. Remember, Independence Blue Cross is just one of the many insurers that  Total Benefit Solutions works with, on the marketplace, on the private market, in the senior market and also small groups.

Call us at (215)355-2121 to see if IBC has a plan that’s a good fit for you.

Video: Changes in the family. When can I get new health insurance?  Have your family’s health insurance needs recently changed? When you get married or divorced, have a new baby, or adopt a new child, you have a 60-day window to enroll in a new, affordable health care plan. Watch this video to learn how.

Video:Health Insurance Basics: Why is health insurance important? 

Shopping for health insurance is much easier when you know what questions to ask. Total Benefit Solutions and Independence Blue Cross can help you figure out what type of health insurance plan you want, how to find a balance of health cost and coverage, and what other benefits you should consider when shopping for and choosing a health insurance plan.

Video: Turning 26? Here’s when to apply for health insurance

If you are turning 26 and still on your parent’s health insurance plan, first of all, happy birthday! And secondly, congratulations! You can now purchase your very own health insurance. In fact, once you turn 26, your parent’s can no longer cover you under their health plan.