United Healthcare: Introducing All Savers Plans. Would your small group be interested in a medical plan with a rate increase cap in year two? Does a plan with a free “fitbit” type device sound like a great way to integrate wellness into your health benefits? What if I told you that your employees could earn money back towards their deductibles by meeting small, simple daily wellness goals?

Finally, an insurance carrier has introduced a plan for your health conscious group that gives you a direct advantage in the rates because you are working towards better overall health! United Healthcare has introduced the All Savers level funding plans with Motion Credit.

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Earn rewards by staying active

Every covered employee and covered spouse is eligible to participate in Hat Trick Motion to earn a motion credit of up to $4 per day by meeting daily activity goals (up to an annual limit of $1,000). Motion credit funds can help lower out-of-pocket costs by reimbursing employees for certain covered medical expenses even if they have not yet met their deductible.

Plan options that are right for them

Do employees want lower co-payments, a lower deductible, or a lower pharmacy deductible? No problem – it’s their choice. With All Savers products, your employees can keep your recommended options or they can choose their own options, and it won’t affect your company’s monthly payment. Not a single dime.

Members participate in Hat Trick Motion and earn money (up to an annual limit of $1,000) every time they meet a daily walking goal. Hat Trick Motion provides participants with a TrioTM   (click here to see one) activity tracker to measure their activity. The money members earn adds up over time, and can reimburse employees for eligible medical expenses for any covered family member (even if they haven’t met their deductible).

These plans were designed to help members get more active and to help pay for everyday health care, too.  As little as 30 minutes of activity per day can greatly reduce the risk of disease, and an hour per day is even better.

Why would you want a self-funded health plan? Because you’ll pay lower premium taxes throughout the year, your plan won’t be subject to state mandates, and you’ll actually have the chance to get some money back at the end of the year.

Have questions? Make an appointment today with your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc. account manager to find out if these plans are a good fit for your company! Call us at (215)355-2121 and we will get a custom proposal just for you!