On Jan. 30, 2023, the Biden Administration announced it will end the public health emergency (and national emergency) declarations on May 11, 2023.

At-home COVID tests

What’s changing: At-home (or over-the counter) tests may become more costly for people with insurance. After May 11, 2023, people with traditional Medicare will no longer receive free, at-home tests. Those with private insurance and Medicare Advantage (private Medicare plans) no longer will be guaranteed free at-home tests, but some insurers may continue to voluntarily cover them.

For those on Medicaid, at-home tests will be covered at no-cost through September 2024. After that date, home test coverage will vary by state.

A temporary Medicaid coverage option adopted by 15 states has given uninsured people access to COVID-19 testing services, including at-home tests, without cost-sharing but that program will end with the public health emergency.

What’s the same: Uninsured people in most states were already paying full price for at-home tests as they weren’t eligible for the temporary Medicaid coverage for COVID testing services. Uninsured and other people who cannot afford at-home tests may still be able to find them at a free clinic, community health center, public health department, library, or other local organization. Additionally, some tests have been provided by mail through the federal government, though supply is diminishing.

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