The Premium formulary is an option for large group clients wanting access to a formulary that manages traditional, non-specialty drug costs without compromising clinical outcomes. In many cases it saved early adopters nearly 10% per member per month on their plan’s traditional drug spend. Overall, members saved on drug costs without rigorous additional step therapies, prior authorizations, or other invasive utilization management strategies.

Members transitioning to the Premium formulary will receive communications about the change, potential disruptions to their drug therapies, and clinically appropriate and cost-effective alternatives. Blue KC will continue to make quarterly updates to the Premium formulary and will send subsequent member communications about those changes and appropriate alternatives to affected members.

Blue KC is working with clients to provide strong, accurate, and even granular analysis of the potential disruption and savings. Transparent analysis coupled with our proactive communication strategy is providing a strong utilization management strategy that has real impact in the short and long term without compromising the member experience or access to the products necessary to manage chronic conditions.

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