UnitedHealthcare’s contract with Orlando Health is set to expire on July 31. If an agreement is not reached before the deadline, most services will no longer be covered for individuals on various plans, starting from August 1. The affected plans include employer-sponsored and individual plans, Medicare Advantage (including the Group Retiree PPO plan), and Medicaid (including the Dual Special Needs Plan).

Both parties have been engaged in months of negotiations to establish new terms. With less than two weeks remaining, tensions have escalated, and accusations of delaying negotiations, disseminating misleading information, and proposing unreasonable terms have been exchanged by both sides.

United Healthcare has taken proactive measures to notify approximately 74,000 members who have recently received care from Orlando Health about the potential risk of losing access to care. Similarly, Orlando Health has reached out to its patients, encouraging them to contact United Healthcare and urge them to expedite the negotiation process.

For the full story, visit https://www.orlandosentinel.com/2023/07/31/orlando-health-united-patients-scared-lose-coverage-at-midnight/

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