Some Aetna Medicare plans include benefits administered by a company called NationsBenefits or one of its affiliates (“the company”). Specifically, the company administers the hearing aid benefit, as well as the Extra Benefits Card benefit, on some plans. Recently, NationsBenefits learned that a third-party vendor they used to securely exchange files with certain health plans, experienced a data security incident. The security breach impacted members whose plans include the NationsHearing hearing aid benefit or the Nations Extra Benefits Card benefit.

What you need to know: Member communication: Impacted members will receive a letter from NationsBenefits. View a sample of the member letter. Letters began mailing on April 27.  The letter explains what happened, what information was involved, and how NationsBenefits has addressed the issue. It also includes general information about identity theft protection.

Contact your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc Medicare health insurance specialist at (215)355-2121 if you have any questions or concerns.