Medicare Supplements: Did You Know?

  • Medicare supplements do not have an annual open enrollment! Medicare beneficiaries on supplement plans can do comparative shopping and change plans (if qualified)at anytime during the year! If you have not checked your rates in two years or more, chances are there is a better rate available now.
  • Medicare supplements are often called Medigap plans.
  • Medicare supplements are not the same as Medicare Advantage plans.
  • Medicare Part A and B do offer relatively good coverage, however they do not pay for all the expenses you will incur as a patient.
  • Most Medicare supplements do not cover prescription drugs, dental, eyeglass or gym memberships.
  • Standard Medigap plans are labeled A through N and offer different levels of health coverage. Plans E, H, I, and J are no longer available to new subscribers.
  • Premiums vary among insurance companies, but the benefits of each standard Medigap plan are always the same. For instance, a Medigap Plan C policy offers set benefits no matter which company you buy it from. However, standard Medigap policies are different in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin.
  • Some companies offer Medicare supplements for employer groups!
  • Total Benefit Solutions partners with all of the major Medicare supplement insurers to provide our clients with thorough and impartial advice.
  • Total Benefit Solutions Account managers are licensed, trained and re-certified each year to help clients and answer questions about Medicare Supplement plans!


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