USDH has over 150 providers and 25 locations across Central Southeastern, and Southwestern Pennsylvania that remain at the forefront of treatment protocols, attracting the most accomplished specialists and brightest medical minds in the field, and utilizing cutting edge technologies so that our patients receive high-quality care and the best possible health outcomes. USDH is currently negotiating with United Healthcare for a new contract that covers the care we provide patients with United Healthcare employer-sponsored, Exchange, and Medicare Advantage health plans. If we do not reach a new agreement, our doctors and facilities will be forced out of United Healthcare’s network effective September 1, 2022.

The contract that has governed our relationship with United Healthcare is outdated and no longer accurately reflects the cost of delivering care or the value our providers bring to our patients. In order to initiate negotiations of a new contract, we were required to terminate our current contract. There is plenty of time to reach an agreement on a new contract without any disruption to care, but we need United Healthcare to join us in meaningful discussions during the remaining months of our existing contract. United Healthcare’s demands for below-market rates would make it increasingly more difficult to ensure our staff is available to the communities that need us most. It’s our payor relationships that allow us to provide our patients access to new technologies and therapies. We are simply asking United Healthcare to join us as other insurance partners have.

It’s important to know that nothing changes for now. Your clients can, and should, continue to visit our facilities and doctors for care as they normally would. We wanted to inform you of this possibility because if we do not have a new agreement with United Healthcare in place by August 31, 2022, your clients may have to pay more in out-of-pocket costs when seeking care with us.

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