assigning a brokerWe are pleased to help our clients get enrolled and compare plans on the new health insurance marketplace. However please follow the instructions below so that we can assist you. Please note that we will not have access to your record to work with you if you do not complete the registration properly.

The agent/broker should work with the consumer to make sure that the consumer enters the agent’s/broker’s identifying information, including National Producer Number (NPN), so that the FFM can associate the transaction with the agent/broker so that an issuer may facilitate compensation.

Log in at and register…

When the consumer is logged in to the page, the consumer will be shown a screen labeled, “Help applying for coverage. On this screen, it is vital that the consumer enters the agent’s/broker’s name, NPN, and FFM User ID (if the agent/broker has an FFM User ID). Accurate entry of the agent’s/broker’s information on that screen will enable an issuer to facilitate compensation.

Our NPN number is 2032257 and our FFM User ID is EDMAC812. Please be sure to enter these codes into the “help applying for coverage” section so that we can access your account. Please call us if you need any assistance. Be advised that the system is currently overloaded and you may have trouble registering right away, however there is no rush to enroll since all the plans are not effective until January 1st 2014.