Effective February 7, a new law was passed that greatly benefits Medicare beneficiaries who may be eligible for PACE and PACENET. Although the annual income limits will remain the same, the Medicare Part B premium ($104.90 per month for most beneficiaries) is no longer part of the countable income of a Medicare beneficiary. This new law will result in thousands of additional beneficiaries becoming eligible for prescription drug coverage. What this means for beneficiaries Beneficiaries who may have been over the PACE/PACENET income limits by $1,259 or less, may qualify under the new law and should reapply. If a beneficiary reapplies and now qualifies for PACE/PACENET then the beneficiary is eligible for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) and can make a plan change. For more information on PACE and PACENET income limits and how the program applies to the Keystone 65 HMO premiums, view our Guide to PACE with Keystone 65 Select Rx HMO.