From IBC: The Care Cost Estimator tool is now available for members. This tool is designed to help them better understand their estimated out‑of‑pocket health care costs for a wide range of common inpatient, outpatient, laboratory, and diagnostic procedures, as well as office visits. We are excited to offer members this new tool, which is designed to help them save money and avoid unplanned expenses. Using the Care Cost Estimator, members can search for up to 1,600 procedures and compare providers by estimated price, based on their specific health plan. The tool displays provider details and quality information, such as reviews, allowing members to make more informed decisions about how to spend their health care dollars. The majority of Independence members can use the tool by logging into on either the desktop or mobile app.

Benefits of the enhanced Care Cost Estimator

  • Know before they go. Members can estimate their out-of-pocket costs based on their health plan for common procedures before they happen.
  • Avoid surprises and save. Members can get an estimate of what they’ll pay before they schedule an appointment.
  • Higher cost doesn’t mean better care. In addition to getting estimates for the health care services they need, members can also compare provider details and quality information to make informed decisions on seeing providers that best meet their needs and budget.

Download the Care Cost Estimator Flyer

Click below to watch the video on how the Care Cost Estimator works. 



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