We’ve collected these videos together to help you to easier
understand the New Health Insurance
Marketplace and how it works.

Remember to always add Total Benefit Solutions, Inc.’s NPN number and FFMID into your registration under “help” or authorized users so that our licensed, experienced representatives can help guide you through your choices and navigate your way to the best possible outcome for you, your family or your employees.
Click here to see how.Our NPN is 2032257 and our FFMID is EDMAC812
The Application Process-A Walk Through A Sample Application
Start here when registering. Remember to enter our information so we can help you! 
This video is about six minutes long but is very informative.


The Advanced Premium Tax Credit

Better known as “subsidies” The APTC will help many
people pay for their coverage.

What Are Cost Sharing Reduction Plans?

Don’t like high deductibles and out of pocket costs?
The good news as that some plans may help pay for
those out of pocket expenses too.

For those who qualify, the CSRP will reduce or eliminate gaps in their coverage.

Ask us today if you qualify!

How To Compare Plans in the Marketplace

We hope to help you make decisions and can answer
all your coverage questions from an impartial
perspective. However it never hurts
to be an educated consumer!


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