The IRS requires all employers who offer benefits to provide some level of reporting. This is a reminder that for groups who have an HRA or a self insured health plan you are required to provide forms to your employees and also the IRS.

If your company offers a level funded plan you (the employer) are required to do the reporting as the insurers or TPA’s will not usually do it. Clients  who have any of the following should speak with their tax professionals to make certain that they are reporting properly:

  • Aetna AFA Level Funded  plans
  • United Healthcare All Savers Level Funded Plans
  • National General (Group) Self Insured, Level Funded and Core Pricing Plans

If you are Self-insured, under 50 FTEs:

  • Form 1095-B (all parts except II) Covered individuals reporting and forms are due to your employees by  March 2, 2020

Self-insured, under 50 FTEs,

  • Form 1094-B (transmittal form)
  • All Forms 1095-B are due to the IRS by February 28 (March 31, if filing electronically)

Click here for a short instructional video from our partners at Emerson Reid
Click here for more information from Aetna
Click here to download the Employer Requirements Chart
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Click here for more information on PCORI fees

Fully insured employers with under 50 employees will typically have no additional reporting unless they also provide an HRA (health reimbursement arrangement).  Your insurance company will usually handle the reporting for you.

We have provided the attached resources for your review.  Please contact your Total Benefit Solutions Account Manager at (215)355-2121 if you have any further questions or concerns.