Wayne Schellhaas asks a very good question, “Does CMS Care?” We need direction and we need it FAST! For most of us we are sleep deprived and some physically sick. I received phone calls up to midnight last night asking for help enrolling in healthcare.gov. Not because they were waiting until the last minute, but because the very 1800 number, CMS wants us to have people call, gave them the run around since November 2013!!

We need more than this – some people never received the email saying the account was confirmed, the system stopped sending emails to confirm accounts, the system wasn’t up to even set up accounts. I even went to HealthSherpa.com and they had basically given up and said go to healthcare.gov!

Calling the 1800 # is a blackhole. Asking our clients who trust us to assist them with this process, to call and leave a message and hope they receive a call back in 5-7 days, just is not going to cut it! Agents are a hands on profession. We do not punt, we hold on to the client, until we cross the finish line. We need access, we need agent access to complete these applications!

Secretary Sebellious, President Obama, if you wanted this job done right, you should have asked an Agent. If you want these people enrolled during this 15 day extension, you should invite an Agent to the table! We are not giving up and we are not going away!


Fighting for the American’s that need our Help!!


B.Ronnell Nolan, HIA, CHRS