From IBC:

We have been closely monitoring the situation with COVID‑19 (Coronavirus) and we understand the financial impact our customers and members may be experiencing. We are committed to working with our customers to help them get through the crisis and will be offering payment flexibility for the customers who are most in need.

Instructions for Deferred Payment Plan for Customers with Fewer than 500 Employees

As announced in a previous Edge article, while we encourage all customers who are able to pay their premiums on time to continue to do so, we understand the toll the COVID‑19 crisis is taking on many businesses. We want to help our mutual customers in need with the opportunity to take advantage of a Deferred Payment Plan for April or May premium payments.

To be eligible, customers must be:

  • Fully insured, with fewer than 500 enrolled employees;
  • in good standing  – paid through March to defer April payment or paid through April to defer May payment;
  • Experiencing an extreme hardship such as undergoing a significant reduction in business operations or suffering a substantial revenue loss due to the COVID‑19 pandemic.
  • Submit a signed Payment Agreement for each customer as soon as it is completed.

Submission Deadlines

April 17 – Deadline for submitting customers deferring April premium payment

May 15 – Deadline for submitting customers deferring May premium payment

If you have any questions please contact your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc benefit specialist at (215)355-2121

United Healthcare, UHC/Allsavers


For a premium extension or term hold, please have the client contact the billing team directly at 888-842-4571. 

If submitting an email the request must originate from the group and submitted by them, or forwarded, directly to the team at

UHC is reviewing on a case by case basis for deferment on premium payment due dates.

Yes, we can work with AFA plan sponsors to extend grace periods for the months of March, April and May of this year. The Aetna Answer Team will work with each individual plan sponsor to determine an appropriate payment plan for their circumstances. Payment plans would apply to the stop loss premium, ASC fees and maximum claim funding.  At this time, we intend to end this liberalization May 31, 2020, subject to state regulatory requirements.

Contact us at Total Benefit Solutions Inc (215)355-2121 for making any requests.

United Concordia

Premium rate holds for renewals

Companies worldwide are feeling uncertain about their futures during COVID-19, and small local businesses are especially vulnerable. Let us help you offer your clients some much-needed financial relief

For small businesses under 100 that renew August-December 2020, United Concordia Dental will hold the premium rate until the next renewal in 2021. We want to enable your clients to continue offering quality dental coverage to their employees – some who may need urgent or emergency dental care during this pandemic.Share other debt relief options

We’ve also created a client flyer that explains other loan and debt relief options available during COVID-19. It outlines emergency funds available from the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA) through the new CARES Act, including: