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All Savers® Alternate Funding understands how confusing health benefit taxes and reporting requirements can be to small businesses, and is committed to providing enhanced service to your All Savers small business groups.

All Savers will generate the 6055 Membership Report for groups to complete their 6055 form filing. All Savers will prepopulate Forms 1095-B for all covered members in an eligible small group*. Because this service is optional, your All Savers Alternate
Funding groups can access these documents by logging into their All Savers plan sponsor account.

A copy of the 6055 Membership Report will be available on the broker website in the groups Company Master Record.

If an Applicable Large Plan Sponsor is subject to additional tax responsibility,
the 6055 Membership Report can be used when completing form filing requirements. Determination of an Applicable Large Plan Sponsor is the responsibility of the plan sponsor.

The 6055 Membership Report and Forms 1095-B will be made available during the first part of January 2020. All Savers group contacts will receive email notification once documents are made available online.  Note: Plan participants that reside in New Jersey, California, Vermont, Rhode Island, and Washington D.C. at any point during 2020 may be subject to penalties if form filings are not completed accurately and timely.

if you have any questions regarding this bulletin please reach out to your Total Benefit Solutions, Inc account manager at (215)355-2121