From Aetna:

We’re now treating small businesses who use the services of a PEO ( Professional Employer Organization) the same as any other group. This excludes any group headquartered in California or New York, or any group currently on an Aetna PEO master health plan.

Here are some important details:

1. We no longer require small businesses to terminate their PEO relationship or fill out extra forms for us during the new business process.
2.The entire group must move to Aetna –small businesses can’t move some employees to Aetna and leave the rest on the PEO master health plan.

What does this mean to groups? If your company is already part of a PEO and the PEO will allow a medical plan carve out we can move your medical plan to Aetna without ending your PEO relationship! Questions? Reach out to your Total Benefit Solutions Inc. group health insurance specialist today at (215)355-2121.