Managed care is the dominant delivery system for Medicaid enrollees. With 72% of Medicaid beneficiaries enrolled in comprehensive managed care organizations (MCOs) nationally, plans have played a key role in responding to the COVID-19 pandemic and are expected to work with states in conducting outreach and providing support to enrollees during the unwinding of the continuous enrollment requirement. While managed care is the dominant Medicaid delivery system, states decide which populations and services to include in managed care arrangements which leads to considerable variation across states. Additionally, while we can track state requirements for Medicaid managed care plans, plans have flexibility in certain areas including in setting provider payment rates and plans may choose to offer additional benefits beyond those required by the state. The Administration is expected to release revised regulations about Medicaid managed care and assuring access in Medicaid in the Spring of 2023. This brief describes 10 themes related to the use of comprehensive, risk-based managed care in the Medicaid program.

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