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Total Benefit Solutions, Inc  offers Travel Reassurance!

People travel for many reasons: Leisure, Religion, Volunteering, Work or even Studying Abroad. If you are going overseas or staying in a different part of the country, you will need protection for the “What Ifs?” Here at Total Benefit Solutions Inc, we teamed up in order to give our clients affordable options to cover themselves, and loved ones while traveling. Best of all, you can easily run a quote, right now, from the comfort of your own home.

We are offering not just trip protection policies, but also medical policies to help save you the additional stress and headache, should the unexpected happen on your trip. Each quote is customizable to ensure that you not only get the coverage you need, but also, the coverage you can afford.

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Case Studies: Real Life Examples of how these Plans Offer Protection

Most people know how travel protection coverage works. If your trip gets delayed or canceled, you can be reimbursed for the loss of expenses, but not many know how Travel Medical Insurance works and what exactly it does. Below are some real life examples of how these policies helped save members from huge financial loss and offered a peace of mind during difficult times. 

Case Study #1

Location: Cusco, Peru — the location of Machu Picchu, believed to be a sacred site for Inca leaders in the 16th century. Machu Picchu is located approximately 8,000 feet above sea level, and is a popular travel destination.

Product Purchased: GeoBlue Voyager Choice

Medical Situation: Light headed with serious difficulty breathing

Diagnosis: Altitude Sickness

Action: 60 year old member suddenly became dizzy, light headed and was gasping for breath. The member was taken and admitted to the Clinica San Jose, a 70 bed hospital contracted with GeoBlue. Direct settlement for his medical expenses was arranged, so there were no out of pocket expenses for the member. A member of GeoBlue’s medical team consulted with the member’s treating physician. Both doctors determined that the only way for the member’s health to improve was to get the member to a lower altitude immediately; his symptoms were being caused by altitude sickness.

Outcome: Geo-Blue worked with local partners to arrange an air ambulance transfer and secure an admission at a facility in Lima, Peru where the highest altitude is 1,600 feet. Ground transportation was arranged for a comfortable transfer of the patient while in Cusco and Lima. Transportation expenses were prepaid by GeoBlue, and covered under the policy. The member was admitted to the Clinica Anglo Americana in Lima, also a GeoBlue contracted facility. He was released after 2 days when his symptoms resolved.

GeoBlue Value

Cost for medical expenses in Peru: $11,000.00

Cost of transportation: $11,500.00

Total Incurred Expenses: $22,500.00

Premium paid for Single Trip Plan: $349.00

Case Study #2

Location: Nimes, France. GeoBlue member from Arizona was in southern France on vacation with spouse; they were touring important architecture from the Roman Empire.

Product Purchased: Multi Trip

Medical Situation: While attempting to take a photograph, member fell off a ledge, suffering a severe fracture to leg and was taken immediately by ground ambulance to a public acute facility nearby, the Hôpital Universitaire Carémeau in Nimes.

Diagnosis: Broken femur, with severe ligament tears.

Action: Due to the acute nature of the injury, immediate surgery and rod insertion to repair the break is recommended. GeoBlue’s medical assistance team screens and approves for appropriateness of care. GeoBlue arranges direct billing at the hospital to cover the expenses. Following surgery, the patient requires inpatient care for 5 days. GeoBlue monitors the patient’s condition throughout hospital stay.

Outcome: Once the member is medically cleared to fly, GeoBlue coordinates travel back to the U.S. for both the member and spouse. This coordination includes arranging for upgraded, more comfortable seating and wheelchair assistance.

GeoBlue Value

Medical services in France: $8,100.00

Travel Arrangements: $16,000.00

Total Incurred Expenses: $24,100.00

Premium paid for Multi Trip Plan: $349.00

Case Study #3

Location: Lombok, Indonesia. GeoBlue member from a volunteer program in Australia for a week long sojourn in Indonesia. GeoBlue member hailed from Fredericksburg, VA but had been stationed in Darwin doing volunteer work.
Product Purchased: Single Trip
Medical Situation: 18 year old member was hit by a motor vehicle. Given the extent of injuries, member was immediately admitted to a local hospital for stabilization.
Diagnosis: Open fracture of right lower leg; immediate surgery required
Action: Upon member’s admission to the hospital, GeoBlue’s Chief Medical Director consults with the attending physician. Due to the serious nature of injuries and lack of appropriate medical resources in Lombok, medical evacuation via Air Ambulance is arranged to Singapore. Hospital Admission in Singapore at Mt. Elizabeth Hospital, a leading facility, is arranged by GeoBlue’s medical assistance team. GeoBlue pays directly for all medical bills in Indonesia and Singapore.
A bedside visit benefit is coordinated by GeoBlue and the patient’s mother travels to meet member in Singapore. GeoBlue continues medical monitoring throughout hospital stay, obtaining daily medical updates on patient to ensure appropriateness of care.
Outcome: Once the member had been medically approved to fly, the member is returned to Australia to continue working with the volunteer program. GeoBlue arranged and paid for transportation and upgraded seating to Australia and the necessary physical therapy received there.

GeoBlue Value

Medical services in Indonesia/Singapore/Australia: $11,750.00

Air ambulance evacuation to Singapore: $25,000.00

Travel arrangements: $924.00

Bedside Visit: $1,500.00

Total Incurred Expenses: $39,174.00

Premium paid for Single Trip Plan: $190.00

If you have any questions about these policies, please feel free to give our office a call at 215-355-2121 and one of our dedicated Account Reps will be happy to help! If you would like to find out more information on these plans please click the following links: GeoBlue  for Health Protection while traveling or HTH for Health and Travel Protection.

As always we appreciate all of our clients and thank you for your continued support.