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Welcome to Total Benefit Solutions Inc., you’ve found the right place to get the advice you need to make the best health insurance decision. With us you get licensed, experienced, certified, insured and independent brokers along with your policy to support you, your family or your employee group . With a team of dedicated full time health insurance service specialists, you are never dealing with health care on your own! When you work with us, we represent you and not the insurance company a regulator, or a government agency. In other words We work for your benefit.

We specialize in health insurance and other related benefits and we have been doing it since 1982. Because health insurance is a specialty and each client has it’s own unique set of circumstances that require customized solutions tailored to fit their own specific needs. We operate like a large consulting firm might but are built specifically for smaller companies, sole proprietors, seniors and families who don’t have employer health insurance like yours. You benefit from our experience.

We impartially compare all of the available plans to guide you through the decision-making and enrollment process and we are here after the enrollment to act as your advocate. Talk to us today about a solution for you. You might not even have to switch insurance companies! It’s as easy as picking up your phone and calling us to speak to a member of our dedicated client service team.

Call us today to find out more at (215)355-2121!

Or we can call you just fill out the form below for a free quote or a customized comparison to your current health plan!

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Did you know? Many of our clients are initially surprised to find out that they can take advantage of all of our services without changing insurance companies! Hire us today and we are “on the clock” right away!