Better dental health has been proven to lead to better overall health

Better dental health has been proven to lead to better overall health

 Individual and Family Dental Plans

Why have your own dental plan? Because the right dental plan will save you money and may reduce your health risks in the future.  Poor oral health can cause pain, embarrassment and even affect the rest of your body. A quality dental plan helps you take charge of your oral health. Your teeth and gums are important for almost everything you do in a day—from speaking and eating to living without pain or bad breath.  

And recent research shows* that taking care of your mouth can:

  • Help you manage diabetes
  • Dramatically reduce hospitalizations and medical costs
  • Stop dental conditions before they become major problems




Get an instant dental plan quote and enroll today:


Delta Dental, Careington, Nationwide, Renaissance Dental Quotes: Click here   


This link includes stand alone vision plans as well!

Aetna Individual Dental Plans Brochure: Aetna Individual Dental

United Healthcare offers comprehensive individual dental plans. Click here to quote, compare and enroll.





Many dental plans carry with their coverage, exclusions, limitations and waiting periods.

Bundled plans can provide great value when enrolled. Typically bundles include dental and vision, and often a hearing benefit as well.

Benefit Aid
Benefit Aid is a specialized bundle of benefits that includes Aetna Dental Access discount dental along with other exclusive savings. Click here to learn more about Benefit Aid.

 If you are a member of our Total Benefit Access Plans, the Aetna Dental Access is included with your membership.



Before enrolling on any dental plan, please consult with your Total Benefit Solutions account manager at (215)355-2121.












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