We’ve attempted to provide a central location for all your healthcare reform, PPACA or Obamacare needs. Please let us know directly  if you need any additional information.

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FAQ’s on Health Care Reform
Of course there are more questions than ever when it comes to health care reform. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions and simple answers for your convenience. For more detailed answers, please call your Total Benefit Solutions Advisor at (215)355-2121

HR360 is a subscription service provided by Total Benefit Solutions for our clients. HR360 is a comprehensive compilation of reform questions, answers, calculators, documents and forms that can answer most questions about the PPACA and how it affects you or your business.

Healthcare Reform/ PPACA Newsfeed
Want to most up to date information on health care reform in a regularly updated stream? This is the place.

Subsidy Calculator
Click here to find out if you qualify for a subsidy under healthcare reform. Do you qualify for a cost sharing subsidy, a premium subsidy or both? This handy tool will tell you!

Our News Bulletins

More complete updates and stories on the PPACA healthcare reform topics and issues that most of our clients need to deal with now and in the near future. Updated often so keep checking back. Click here to quickly download a compilation of our bulletins for the entire year from January to October 2013.

Pay or Play Tooklit
To pay or to play? THAT is the question on the minds of many small business owners. Our Pay or Play toolkit is designed to help you make and informed decision moving forward in the era of ACA or Obamacare.

Healthcare Reform Checklist
Are you ready for reform? Simple yet comprehensive…use our checklist here to evaluate your readiness for 2014.

Healthcare Reform: Videos
Easy to watch and learn video collection


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