COBRA Compliance

Regulatory compliance is one of those things that no company wants to talk about, but every company has to deal with.  COBRA compliance is one of the compliance services that we provide for our clients, helping you avoid costly penalties and excise taxes from COBRA audits that could cost you $100 or more a day per violation.

Health Care Plans and COBRA

Employers with 20 or more employees are usually required to offer COBRA coverage and to notify their employees of the availability of such coverage. COBRA applies to plans maintained by private-sector employers and sponsored by most state and local governments. Many states, including PA and NJ have “mini-COBRA” laws that require smaller employers ( under 20 employees) to offer continuation of coverage to qualified employees.

Total Benefit Solutions, Inc has partnered with some of the best COBRA compliance administrators to be able to find an affordable, customized fit for clients of all sizes.  We can build a plan that works for you for as little as $25 per month so you’ll never have to worry about fines or even worse yet the accompanying legal fees.

And since the passing of the affordable care act, it has become an even more confusing situation and a burden that most employers, large or small would like to simply avoid. Our dedicated, trained and certified professionals can even help your former employees get subsidized and enrolled on plans through the marketplace.

Click here for our simple COBRA employer Checklist: Health Care Continuation (COBRA) Checklist

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