Why Do  Individuals and Families Use Total Benefit Solutions?

Individual Health Insurance Plans

Total Benefit Solutions Inc. is prepared for the future of healthcare, and our clients are too! Today’s consumers need more than just a health plan. They need direction, advice and support. If your current broker is not providing these services, consider switching to Total Benefit Solutions, Inc. today.

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Why do people choose us? Here are a few the reasons:

Dedicated Account Managers:  Every client matters Wasting hours on the phone with an insurance company or administrator is a thing of the past. At Total Benefit Solutions Inc., you have dedicated account manager as your single point of contact. Your account manager has years of experience, is trained, licensed, insured, certified and re certified annually on the products and services you need. As licensed professionals they are required to keep up with changes in the industry by doing continuing education credits every year.

Every member of your  family members has your account manager just a phone call away! You have an expert on call! Whether it’s a claim resolution, a billing question, an enrollment transaction or just a simple question, your account manager is there for you. And because they work with you on a regular basis they get to know your biggest needs and concerns for a customized, tailored approach to your service. Our account managers can decipher the healthcare maze of acronyms PPACA, CMS, HHS, DOI, COBRA, HIPPAA, FMLA and more. We’re bilingual because we speak English and insurance. Click here to meet our team.

Total Benefits Briefs: Nothing can be more frustrating  than finding out second hand information that their trusted advisors should be providing them with. That’s why at Total Benefit Solutions we make it a point to keep our clients informed about changes in our industry. Not just regulatory but also carrier changes, product offerings and simple benefits related guidance. One of the ways we do this is with our e-newsletter, Total Benefits Briefs. We publish and distribute our newsletter for our clients and subscribers between 6 and 8 times annually. We also provide regular benefit bulletins right here on our website as news is  announced. Click here to visit our newsletter page

Individual Dental & Vision Plans: Compare plans and quality enrolled on coverage today

Benefit Aid Select: Benefit Aid is an affordable and comprehensive package of benefits that can enhance or compliment your benefit package including dental, vision, tele-doc, hearing, pet health and more. 

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Wrap it up!  Wrap your benefit selection with a comprehensive yet affordable plan that gives you peace of mind, and insures against enormous out of pocket expenses in the event of a catastrophic illness or accident.  By enrolling on one of these plans before selecting your new health plan, you can make a more cost effective selection! Click here for more information about wraps.


Getting Enrolled: Anyone who enrolls prior to the 15th of the month will be effective the 1st of the next month. 

Our self service online enrollment tools are now functional for PA and NJ clients, and enrollment can be done on the exchange or off: Click here: http://www.getmyqhp.com

Please note that no one needs to enroll via the healthcare.gov website. Typically you will want to enroll via healthcare.gov in order to get any advanced premium tax credits, also known as subsidies, applied to your premiums.

If you do not qualify for a APTC or subsidy, you have no reason to enroll through the marketplace. Nevertheless, there are important things to know:

  • Your independent broker at Total Benefit Solutions Inc. can enroll you, on the healthcare.gov marketplace. We are certified and trained to assist you in making the best choices, securing your subsidy and getting you enrolled.
  • Total Benefit Solutions Inc., can also assist you in getting enrolled “off the exchange” or in a private market plan.
  • There is no cost to you for using Total Benefit Solutions, Inc., yet we provide an unbiased comparison of the market and invaluable guidance and assistance.
  • If you already have a healthcare.gov account, now would be a good time to log in and check your information, updating anything that needs updating.
  • If you do not have an account, you can go to healthcare.gov and register now.
  • If you do not want to receive a subsidy, or you think you will not qualify, you do not need to register. You can use our subsidy calculator, to get a quick idea by clicking here.
  • If you qualify for Medicare, you should not register for the marketplace, nor should you apply for a subsidy.
  • Although some plans are being eliminated, most of the plans renew without doing anything if yours is still available.
  • All of the plans are updated to keep up with the mandating changes including deductible and out of pocket limits.

Feel free to download any of the documents here that you find useful. Please also call our office at (215)355-2121 to schedule your enrollment meeting or of you have any questions or concerns.


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United Healthcare One Short Term & Ancillary Plans

  • United Healthcare One: All Plans Brochure: UHC_One All Plans Brochure
  • United Healthcare One 2015 Rate Grid:
  • United Healthcare One Paper Application Download: UHC_One_Health_Application Download this application, complete, print and fax it back to our secure fax line at 1(888)287-3186 to get enrolled through Total Benefit Solutions, Inc.
  • United Healthcare One 2015 Dental  and Vision Benefits: A comprehensive stand alone add on to complete your coverage. UHCOne_Dental
  • United Healthcare One Critical Illness:  A stand alone Critical Illness plan can fill in the gaps associated with deductible and copays, regardless of your medical coverage. UHC_CI_Brochure
  • United Healthcare One: Apply Online Link: Click here to enroll on UHC One plans online.