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Nearly half (44%) of respondents say their employer doesn’t offer opportunities beyond health benefits for employees to meet their health goals, and 62% say they feel their employer does not serve as a resource for their healthcare-related questions…(Read More)

There’s no question the health insurance industry is evolving. New technology is empowering employees’ health decisions. There’s big data. Online enrollment. More choice. And, of course, there’s still the Affordable Care Act. Here are five insurance issues everyone should watch…(Read More)

Dental costs can take a huge bite out of seniors’ finances, even if they have Medicare. And many Seniors have to tap into their Retirement Funds to cover treatment…(Read More)

When looking for a job, the benefits offered to an Employee are definitely a big factor in consideration of accepting an offer of employment. Most people are willing to choose a company with a slight pay decrease if the benefit package compensates for the lost wages. With unemployment the lowest it has been since 2000…(Read More)

We are pleased to share that Mercy Health System, St. Mary Medical Center, Saint Francis Healthcare and Independence Blue Cross (Blue Cross) anticipate coming to an agreement on a new, long-term contract this week, meaning there should be no interruption to your care or coverage at the following facilities: Mercy Fitzgerald Hospital Mercy Philadelphia…(Read More)

Healthcare Reimbursement Arrangement, typically referred to as an HRA, can be utilized by employers to reduce their overall healthcare costs without placing additional financial burden on their employees. An HRA allows the employer to pay for eligible expenses with pre-tax dollars. The employer decides what expenses are eligible, within the IRS guidelines, leaving a…(Read More)

It’s easy to loose track of the actual costs associated with smoking. When you look behind the scenes, you will realize why the utilization of Smoker Cessation Programs are important and how Employees and Employers can benefit from this type of Wellness Program . Healthcare $3,400 in excess expenses each year in the form…(Read More)

From retirement and health plans to unlimited paid time off, work flexibility and hot new benefits such as student loan repayment and professional development, these 10 companies are leading the pack when it comes to innovation in the field. Here’s what they are doing differently.         Netflix Their unique offering: Unlimited paid time…(Read More)

Pharmaceutical Companies spent $5.6 billion in 2015 for advertisements.. and those advertisements seem to work. 1 in about 7 people who take at least one Rx have admitted they specifically asked their Doctor about a medication they heard on the Tv, Radio, online, or in print. 2/3rds of those Doctors wrote the prescription…(Read More)

Walgreens Boots Alliance agreed to pay $269.2 million to settle U.S. claims that the drugstore chain defrauded a federally funded health care program over insulin drugs and a consumer-discount initiative. The two settlements, announced Tuesday, cover allegations over improper billing. In the first one, the company agreed to pay $209.2 million…(Read More)

The Office of Civil Rights (“OCR”) of the Department of Health and Human Services (“HHS”) has posted an alert warning employers, and others, of a fake communication involving the OCR audit program under HIPAA. The email falsifies HHS departmental letterhead and the signature of the OCR Director and directs individuals to a non-governmental website…(Read More)

Are you going to a new Doctor? Get a recent diagnosis? Or looking into new Hospital Systems? There are tons of important questions to ask when dealing with your health, but most don’t know where to start.  The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality has put together the important questions to ask for many…(Read More)

CMS Change to LIS/Dual Special Enrollment Period…(Read More)

More than 23 cents of every healthcare dollar goes to Prescription drugs…(Read More)

Edward MacConnell of Total Benefits Solutions Reaches the Elite Level for the 2019 Marketplace Circle of Champions…(Read More)

If companies could give employees tax free money to buy health insurance on their own, how many would do so? We’re about to find out…(Read More)

We know everyone has heard of “Medicaid” and “Medicare” but most people don’t know exactly what these Government programs do, or confuse the two. Some even think they are the same thing, when they are both completely different types of programs. Each program is designed for specific populations, controlled by different areas of the…(Read More)

Extension of Deadline for 2018 Forms 1095-C The IRS has issued Notice 2018-94, which provides a limited extension of time for employers to provide 2018 Forms 1095-C to individuals. It also extends good-faith transition relief from certain penalties for the 2018 reporting year. To find out more, please click here. &nbsp…(Read More)

Over Half of Americans Delay or Don’t Get Healthcare Because They Can’t Afford It   With open enrollment for many medical plans in full swing, health care is top of mind for millions of Americans. But health care is still too expensive for most: A majority of U.S. adults have to delay…(Read More)

With the Marketplace making Health Insurance products more accessible and affordable than ever before, people have the opportunity to choose from MANY different policies, as opposed to before when most people just took whatever insurance an Employer may have offered them. While most people are familiar with or have heard of HMOs and PPOs, newer…(Read More)

According to advice issued Thursday by federal health officials, states should be free to redefine the use of  subsidies, which began in 2014. They represent the first help the government ever has offered middle-class consumers to afford monthly premiums for private insurance. States could allow the subsidies to be used for health plans the…(Read More)

Why Employers Offer Supplemental Insurance Plans Employers everywhere have become more and more interested in offering Supplemental Insurance Plans. These Voluntary Benefits are insurance products employees can elect to add to their plans to fill the gaps in their health insurance policy. These plans help with the costs associated with medical bills and missed time…(Read More)

Open Enrollment for Medicare ends on December 7th while the ACA Marketplace/ Obamacare Enrollment Period runs until December 15th. With all the hustle and bustle happening with the official beginning of the Holiday Season, these are important dates to know. If you have yet to choose a plan or have questions about plans available to…(Read More)

Make It to the Table: Don’t Drink & Drive this Thanksgiving Eve   “Thanksgiving Eve,” is associated with drinking and is a big night for bars. More than 800 Americans died in alcohol-impaired crashes during the days surrounding Thanksgiving over the past four years (6:00 p.m. Wednesday to 5:59 a.m…(Read More)

The Top 5 Reasons for ER Trips on Thanksgiving   Thanksgiving is almost here! It’s a wonderful day spent together with your family and loved ones. People across the Country will be spending hours and hours perfecting their feasts after weeks of careful planning. Family from near and far gather together to give Thanks…(Read More)

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